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Disneyland Rides/Attractions Gender/Race Demographics Part 3/4

King Arthur Carousel-"Male"
Mad Tea Party
- Unisex 

Main Street Cinema- Unisex

Main Street Vehicles- Unisex

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh-"Male" - Females: Kanga appears once and there are a few female Heffalumps and Woozles (obvious because of their eyelashes and bows).

Mark Twain Riverboat-"Male" 

Matterhorn Bobsleds -Unisex

Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey-"Male"- I thought it'd be interesting to compare how Disney (on their website) describes Mickey's house vs. Minnie's.

"Get ready to meet the most "famouse" star around — meet, greet and snap a photo with Mickey himself! Welcome to the home of a Disney legend. Explore this charming mouse house and find fantastic treasures like Mickey's baby shoes and photos of Mickey with his old pal Walt Disney.
Mouse-y Memorabilia
Delight in the silly design details that celebrate all things Mickey. Grab a giggle at the bookshelf where the famous books have Mouse friendly titles like "Mice Station Zebra" and, of course, the "Random Mouse Dictionary."
Hollywood Living
Behind the house might be the greatest treasure of all — Mickey's movie barn! Step inside, walk through the prop department and see costumes and props from some of his most famous cartoons.
And, for the grand finale, you'll get to meet Mickey Mouse!"

Minnie’s House-"Female" 

"Pull open the heart-shaped gate, cross the pink picket fence and stroll into Minnie's house! This rosy home is full of sweet surprises like framed family photos over the candy-colored fireplace and a talking wishing well — with Minnie's voice wishing you all the best!
Mouse Around
Minnie has a paws-on policy in her house. Pull open the Cheesemore refrigerator and find every cheese known to "mouse-kind." Make a cake in the oven rise and fall with the turn of a knob. Hop on Minnie's sweetheart-shaped computer and read all her emails, or page through sophisticated magazines like Mademousele and Cosmousepolitan."

I thought the 'read her emails!' part was a bit creepy.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride- "Male"-Females: none

Peter Pan’s Flight- "Male" - Females: Wendy, Tigerlily and the mermaids all make an appearance. Wendy is the only one who appears more than once. The females overall lack agency as Wendy and Tigerlily are both shown tied up while displaying no strong emotion, especially in their both language, about their situation. There is also a very quick scene of the Native Americans from Neverland. 

Pinocchio’s Daring Journey- "Male"- Females: A pair of girl marionettes and the Blue Fairy (one scene each)

Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island- "Male"- Female: none

Here's an interesting fact about the backstory of the cabin on the island in relation to race : "Over the years, there have been theme changes to the cabin itself: originally, it was said to have been set afire by a hostile native tribe. This storyline was eventually changed due to complaints from Native American guests, so it was said to have been the home of a moonshiner who had fallen into a drunken stupor when he should have been minding his still; later, after the live flames were eliminated, the fire was described (at least in the Mark Twain steamboat narration) as the result of unspecified carelessness, and as having left not only the cabin's owner homeless, but also some of the local wildlife" (wikipedia).

Pirates of the Caribbean- "Male" - Females: Yes, a couple of wenches who are either tied up and being auctioned off as brides or running from the pirates. Both of these situation are pretty awful, especially when you think of what will probably happen next once the pirates get the women they want. There are no female pirates. It's interesting to see how they separate the 'American pirates' Jack Sparrow and Barbossa from all the assumed 'Spanish pirates' (the background signs imply Caribbean Spanish colonies). The other pirates get involved with the plundering, pillaging, rape and arson of actual pirates, while the American/Disney pirates do there own thing either fighting on a ships, chilling with treasure, or making quick cameos in other scenes.

Pixie Hollow - Tinker Bell & Her Fairy Friends-"Female"-Females: appear only temporarily, The visitors can walk through the Pixie Hollow area (no characters in itself) The pixies appear only during certain times, for photo-ops. Of the five main pixies two are minorities Slivermist (Asian) and Iridessa (African American).

Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin- "Male" -Females: Jessica Rabbit appears only twice, the first time is just her legs popping out of a car trunk next to a Weasel who had apparently stuff her there (this kind of annoys me because in the film, Jessica is the one who hits Roger with a pan and stuffs him in the trunk of her car) and then the second time its her full body.

Sailing Ship Colombia- Unisex
Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough
- "Female"- Females: Aurora, Maleficent, and the fairies, although Maleficent appeared way more than Aurora.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures
Snow White is the title character, however the Queen/Witch is actually the most prominently featured character on the ride. Snow White actually just makes only one appearance in the first half, then totally disappears from the ride. 

Splash Mountain- "Male"-Females: Not really, a few dancing female geese can be found on a riverboat visitors pass by but that's it. The ride uses characters from the Disney's Song of the South. This film has a lot of racism in it especially surrounding the character of Uncle Remus, which is why it's a film that Disney has yet to release in the US. So despite the source materiel, obviously there are no African Americans acknowledged on this ride.

Star Tours - The Adventure Continues- "Male" - Females: Princess Leia appears, as one of the possible four characters to inform the visitors on the ride that there is a 'rebel spy on their ship'.  Finn, who is African American, has only recently appeared on the ride. He plays a vital role during his segment but unfortunately he only appears on one of the possible four story lines that the ride can follow, specifically in the middle section of the ride.

Star Wars Launch Bay- Male (Located in the Innovations building) This museum is dedicated to Star Wars memorabilia, costumes, props, photo-ops, etc. The same building also houses Marvel Super Hero HQ, both attractions have more male representation in their museums than females (since the cast of the films from both attractions are overwhelmingly male). Like on Disney's website they say you can see Iron Man, Spiderman and Thor all at the Marvel exhibition but makes no mention of any female super heroes like Black Widow. I was going to consider this attraction unisex because its like a museum with all the props and costumes, but the content and characters attracting people to it are so overwhelming male that I decided it had to go into the 'male' section.

Storybook Land Canal Boats - Unisex -I decided to make this ride unisex because their aren't characters on the ride, nor is it really character driven. It just has a lot of miniature models of settings from a few Disney films. But I guess it's just interesting to note how these settings are divided race and gender wise. A setting gets points only if it is firstly connected with a person of color and/or female. (
(F=female, M=male)(W=white, O=race other than white)
  • The pigs' houses and the Big Bad Wolf's cave from The Three Little Pigs (N/A) (N/A)
  • An English village with a church and the entrance to the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland (F) (W)
  • London Park from Peter Pan (M) (W)
  • Agrabah, The Sultan's Palace and The Cave of Wonders from Aladdin (M,M) (O,O)
  • The Dwarfs' cottage and mine from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (M,M) (W,W)
  • The village from Cinderella with the castle and the Tremaine chateau (M, F) (W, W)
  • Toad Hall and Mole's house from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (M,M) (N/A, N/A)
  • The Old Mill (N/A) (N/A)
  • The kingdom of Arendelle from Frozen, including the castle, Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna and Elsa’s mountaintop ice palace (F, M, F) (W, W, W)
  • Pinocchio's cobblestone village with Geppetto's Workshop (M) (W)
  • Prince Eric's Castle from The Little Mermaid (M) (W)
  • Atlantica partially hidden behind a waterfall, from The Little Mermaid (F) (W) 
Female = 5  Male = 11; White = 12 Other = 2
Tarzan’s Treehouse
- "Male" - Females: Jane appears once, sketching Tarzan. However, like the movie, despite the story taking place in Africa, Africans never appear nor are acknowledged.

Whew. So now that that's done, the fourth section will be my final thoughts and analysis concerning all the data I found. (There'll be more charts and graphs, yay!)

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